Integrated Service

CONCORD provides integrated service regarding the design of integrate planning, construction drawing preliminary extension and construction as a complete systematic project. We have all the expertise for project planning, city planning, architecture design, landscape design, interior design, curtain wall design, and intellectualized design, which enable us to provide our customers with all set of professional service and reduce cost and time consumption caused by secondary design and repeated construction. The responsible attitude of our architects realizes the principle of architecture and the integration of design idea and overall style further represents artistry of architecture. Integrated service is formed by longitudinal control and lateral coordination and management, which longitudinally covers the service of project planning, conceptive plan, implementation plan, preliminary design, and construction drawing and construction site management. As general contractor and general coordinator, we will play the role of integrating and coordinating on evaluating lateral coordination management of interior, landscape, lightening and curtain wall after project is finished.

Planning Consultation

CONCORD creatively launches the service of planning consultation. Recommended by the company, professional designer confirmed by Party A will follow the whole process of the project. During the project designing, no other design work shall be arranged to the designer until the project design project is finished or the designer can work on other issues at the same time if approved by Party A. Planning consultation is the key of project management which is also an important part of project consulting service. Currently, the importance of planning consultation during project management has been completely realized and has drawn significant attention, which becomes more obvious during construction project management.

City Planning

CONCORD provides the service of city planning. According to the local resources and condition, considering the external environment and current situation and trend of industrial development, the Company will define the major industry and potential industry, implement detail planning for development of each industry, rank the sequence of development, scientifically implement space layout in order to form a complete industrial system and strong industrial cluster. Integrated and scientific city planning is required and shall be strictly implemented in order to build a good city. City planning is a systematic, scientific, politic and regional work. It is required to properly define development direction, scale and layout of city, predict and evaluate of environment, coordinate relationship of each aspect of development and make overall arrangement of each construction so as to build a city with advance technology, proper economy and beautiful environment and provide citizens of the city with favorable condition for residence, work, study, transportation, recreation and other social activities. The ancient China city planning was based on ancient philosophies as Taoism, Confucianism and Legalism, which especially emphasized on the harmony between natural environment and human civilization.

Architecture Design

Basing on requirement and target value of customer, CONCORD provides customized international, professional, branding and local design service according to different requirement from customers. Insisting on the principle of sustainable innovation, the Company keeps on developing quality of service in order to build a high end architecture design brand in China. Creation center, creation station, professional design team and specific architecture development station were set up to develop exploration, accumulation, refine and promote architecture design theory and practice and continuously strengthen competitiveness of the company. Architecture design is a work which requires predictability. All potential problems that could probably occur on the architecture shall be predicted. According to experience acquired from long term practice, key points of design work is normally gradually processed from macro scale to micro scale, entirety to part, overall situation to details and functional size to specific structure. The whole progress of design is divided into determine stage, preliminary stage, design stage, construction stage and launching stage.

Landscape Design

CONCORD provides landscape architecture design service. Concord owns an outstanding landscape design team. Every designer is full of passion with unique personality and special design perspective of design. We are practical and aspiring trying to combine the artistry of design with consideration and sustainable development of society. We regard beauty and harmony as our highest target of design. Our target is to provide our customer with outstanding and ideal design plan which not only matches the environment sustainable development standard but also create aesthetically impressive and natural residential environment. Landscape design synchronized with architecture is one of the features of our company. In the preliminary stage of architecture design, we will participate in the project and provide professional and reasonable suggestion according to positioning and features of the project. We also pay lots of intention on practicality of project.

Interior Design

Interior design research station of CONCORD is famous for its technology and design concept. Outstanding design team and professional project managers formed by professors and expert designers providing designs with expertise and passion. Insisting on the principle of high quality service, CONCORD has been developing sustainably with promise and high industrial credit. Interior design research station insists on low profit operation mode, trying to establish a modernized decoration company providing high quality service and competitive price to all ranges of customers.

Curtain Wall Design

CONCORD provides curtain wall design service. Curtain wall is the transition layer from indoor space to outdoor space. It is not only an interior decoration, but also the base to represent architect design appearance and architect design concept. Regarding on the condition of customer and basing on appearance design and structure safety of the architecture, our curtain wall design team will try their best in optimizing designing the curtain wall structure and reduce consumption of energy-extensive consumption material in order to maximally reduce construction energy consumption and construction cost combining safety, beauty and economy and providing maximum value to customer.

Intellectualized Design

CONCORD provides professional intellectualized design, new technology research and technical cost consulting service. Intellectualized design can not only provide preliminary project overall planning, but also evaluate overall investment according to planning which enables customers to make preparations in advance for future decision making. Meanwhile, we provide customers with suggestions on management and operation and assist customers in completing mode and method of operation management through project analysis and project design experience.