Training and Employees’ Development

CONCORD lays emphasis on the work environment for employees’ learning, training and creation development, has prepared a comprehensive training plan system which is good to all employees. We provide strong logistical support, clear systems and satisfying remuneration. We are aimed to be the most professional and creative architecture design company of China, with perfect and effective work mechanism; we have domestic top design groups, worldwide foreign designers, domestic first class certified architects, certified structure designer, certified utility engineers, and certified electrical engineers. We will provide nation-wide architecture design of international professional level and meeting local requirements.

Remuneration and Welfare

We offer officially recruited employees the five types of insurances and one housing fund, as well as traditional holidays, birthday gift, physical examination and working meals. And we also provide reward to the annual “excellent staff members”.
There are associations of basketball, football, badminton, dance, photograph and fishing, and we will organize competitions time to time. Every half month we will arrange a short trip for picnic, dinner parties, games, visit, etc. The time for trips will be chosen during spare time according to the project progress. Every year, officially recruited staff members having worked for a full year can get an overseas tour subsidy, to relax after work. Investigation activities can be arranged according to the demand of each department. We also organize outward bound casually if necessary.


To rich staff members’ spare-time life and improve the company’s image, as well as boost company culture construction, enhance the relations with pioneers and companies of other industries, expand the reputation and influence, the staff members apply of their own will for activities of different associations (such as basketball, football, badminton, dance and photograph). Through training and exercise, the comprehensive quality of the staff is improved, the team cooperative consciousness is enhanced, the cohesion of workers is strengthened, and the sport culture of the staff is activated.