CONCORD has the construction engineering design qualification (Class A), urban planning qualification (Class B) and landscape architecture qualification (Class B). Currently, there are 500 members in CONCORD. The business scope includes urban planning, architectural design, landscape design, interior design, detailed design of professional curtain wall, and intelligent design. It owns strong technical force and complete specialties. Up to 2015, CONCORD has been established for 11 years.

Company Philosophy

Each project is a unique challenge. We believe that design starts with learning customers’ needs through listening. We need to work out innovative and reasonable design schemes to satisfy different customers with different requirements and wishes. All our design products are obtained through high efficient communication with owner’s team and quick decision making. We advocate maintaining a highly harmonious design team. The enterprise values in the Internet era of Customer First, Staff Second, and Stockholder Third are insisted by CONCORD. Our objective is to create a team full of happiness, so as to sufficiently exert the creativeness and enthusiasm of each member, and to create high value-added for customers through design. Our slogan is to be the happiest design enterprise in China.

Company Tenet

CONCORD is striving to become an internationalized architectural design company with the best professional quality, best creativity and most complete work mechanism. It owns top design forces in China, including foreign designers from all over the world, Class 1 Registered Architect in China, Registered Utility Engineer, and Registered Electrical Engineer. It can provide internationally professional architectural design that is in accordance with local codes throughout China.

CONCORD (Nanjing)

CONCORD (Nanjing) International Engineering Design Co., Ltd., formerly known as Nanjing Office of Beijing Yanhuang United International Engineering Co., Ltd., has the construction engineering design qualification (Class A), urban planning qualification (Class B) and landscape architecture qualification (Class B). It is located beside beautiful Mochou Lake of Nanjing. Currently, there are 300 members. The office area is 3,500 square meters. The business scope includes urban planning, architectural design, landscape design, interior design, professional detailed design of curtain wall, and intelligent design. It owns strong technical force and complete specialties. Up to 2015, CONCORD (Nanjing) has been established for 11 years.

CONCORD (Nanjing) pays attention to the learning and training of members and innovative working environment, and works out a comprehensive training plan system that is beneficial to the crew. It has a strong logistics system. The system is well defined, and every member is well paid. CONCORD (Nanjing) lays stress on the enterprise culture, and launches lots of amateur programs. CONCORD (Nanjing) has organized a football team, a basketball team, a badminton team, a photography association, and a dance society, so that all employees grow together in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

4S Service

Architectural customized service(Designated buildings, personalized buildings, all-the-way tracking by specially-assigned person): CONCORD offers this service in a creative manner. A professional designer who is recommended by CONCORD and confirmed by Party A will track the project all the way. In the process of conceptual design of the project, other design tasks will not be arranged for the designer before completion of the project design scheme, or without the approval of Party A concerning parallel processing of other tasks. The project application scope includes personalized club building, upmarket sales office building, private mansion, green intelligent building, religious building or buildings that Party A thinks necessary.

Professional and skilled service(Various types of urban complex, building optimization service, professional headquarters economy, science park service, professional high-grade residence and villa service, professional hotel service, professional office and financial cluster area service, professional civil defense service, professional production warehouse service): The architectural design department of CONCORD has established several project design institutes. Each institute is good at respective specialty and skill. If the schedule is available, corresponding design institute can be selected on the basis of the project nature. The project application scope includes large park planning, large residential area design, design of four-star hotel or above, large administrative area design, and large industrial plant logistics base.

Integrated service of architectural design(Architectural design, professional curtain wall design, intelligent professional design, landscape design, and interior design): CONCORD has all specialties and skills of architectural design. It is able to provide a full range of professional service for customers, so as to avoid second design and the waste of time and cost due to repeated construction. In this way, it is of great advantage to the overall building style consistency, for further embodiment of architectural art.

Cooperation with international and domestic design companies:CONCORD has the experience in and cases of cooperation with international and domestic top design companies, and CONCORD is familiar with their cooperation process. It participates in the overall process of project, provides relevant government codes and standards and local codes, takes part in and coordinates the construction approval procedures of all government’s functional department. In addition, it assists in completing or independently completes the extended preliminary design and working drawing design, fully embodies or improves the original project purpose, and provides perfect supporting service at the later construction stage. We have worked with Architects and Engineers Co., Ltd. of Southeast University, Architectural Design Research Institute of SCUT, Logon, BAU, Aedas, and RTKL.
  • Fan Cheng

    Founding Partner

  • Li Da

    Design Director

  • Xu Nianfei

    Design Director

  • Li Yi

    Associate Design Director

  • Shi Lixia

    Marketing Director

  • Zhu Lijia

    Director of Scheme Institute 2

  • Ding Xiaochun

    Director of Scheme Institute 3

  • Chen Yongcai

    Director of Scheme Institute 4

  • Feng Xiao

    Director of Scheme Institute 5

  • Wang Haifeng

    Chief Architect

  • Lu Jiansan

    Chief Structural Engineer

  • Zhang Cong

    Deputy Chief Structural Engineer

  • Nong Zhigang

    Deputy Chief Structural Engineer

  • Chen Hailing

    Deputy Chief Structural Engineer

  • Sun Haining

    Principal of Architectural Electricity Specialty

  • Tang Jinghu

    Principal of Water Supply and Drainage Specialty

  • Feng Jiping

    Principal of HAVC Specialty

  • Zhu Jun

    Director of Landscape Institute

  • Li Wenxin

    Vice-Team Leader of Landscape Institute

  • Fan Tianlei

    Vice-Team Leader of Landscape Institute

  • Jiang Jun

    Director of Interior Design Institute

  • Li Jun

    Director of Curtain Wall Design Institute

  • Wang Huan

    Director of Intelligent Design Institute

  • Jing Yun

    Administrative Director

CONCORD (Shanghai)

CONCORD (Shanghai) was established in June 2014, which is a R&D center of CONCORD. It mainly researches and develops products for high-value market, and is aimed at improving the brand value and overall strength of CONCORD Group. The business scope of CONCORD (Shanghai) covers urban planning, architectural design, landscape design, indoor design, project planning and consultation, etc.
CONCORD (Shanghai) is a sustainably growing platform providing fair atmosphere and opportunity to all staff. The crew of CONCORD (Shanghai) is full of practical capability and innovation spirit. They design with open method based on the common philosophy of the Company. It will provide high-quality design product with a diverse and intercommunicating system.
The founders of CONCORD (Shanghai) are graduated from top-ranking architectural colleges both at home and abroad. One of the founders is Class A registered architect in China, and one is registered architect of Royal Institute of British Architects. They all had been working in to-ranking firms both at home and abroad for more than ten years, and have rich experience in actual projects. The office of CONCORD (Shanghai) is in the Headquarter R&D Cluster, Dalian Road, Shanghai. The detailed address is 15F, Tower A, North American Square, No.518 Kunming Road, Yangpu District. The floor area of the building office is 640 m2. Up to Dec.5, 2014, there are 17 staff in total in CONCORD (Shanghai).

Values of Company

Inclusiveness: The Company is inclusive of different styles and ideas. We advocate inclusiveness and harmony of Company culture.
Share: We encourage our employee to share successful experience, initiatively undertake responsibility, and actively help others.
Happiness: We advocate the work concept of happy work, and are trying to create homelike company atmosphere.
Health: We pursue healthy life style, and emphasize high-efficiency, cooperative and correct working.
  • Fan Cheng

    Founding partner, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  • Xu Tian

    Founding partner, Operation Director

  • Huang Yi

    Founding partner, Design Director

  • Song Jiawei

    Founding partner, Design Director

  • Xi Lingchen

    Technical Director

  • Luo Yi

    Administration Director

  • Li Qin

    Architectural Designer

  • Lu Yiqing

    Administration Officer

  • Song Ying

    Architectural Designer

  • Su Rongbin

    Architectural Designer

  • Zhang Fengshuai

    Architectural Designer

  • Zhang Han

    Architectural Designer

CONCORD (Hangzhou)

CONCORD (Hangzhou) International Engineering Design Co., Ltd./Hangzhou Guomei Architectural Design Institute has Class-A architecture undertaking qualification (comprehensive, planning, architecture, indoor), Class-A indoor decoration design qualification, and Class-B special landscape architecture engineering qualification. CONCORD (Hangzhou) is located in Qinsha Park by ancient grand canal built one thousand years ago. Currently, there are 200 people in the Company, and the area of its office building is about 4000m2. The business scope of the Company includes urban planning, architectural design, and landscape and indoor design. It owns strong technical force and complete specialties. Up to 2014, CONCORD (Hangzhou) has been in existence for 20 years.

Company Philosophy

We neither praise highly era nor technology. We tend to use feasible architectural method to present potential art. We are always hesitating to design experimental and luxuriant architecture. We respect the unique role of each architecture from its unique geographic location, and reflect it in clear construction and high-quality building. CONCORD owns top-grade design force in China, including foreign designers from all over the world, Class 1 registered architect in China, registered structural engineer, and registered utility engineer. It can provide internationally professional architectural design that is in accordance with local codes throughout China. Our assignment is to provide creative design, so as to become a leading company in creative design with our rich experience and design enthusiasm, and continuously get breakthrough. The objective of CONCORD is to become a new-generation international architectural design company with the best professional quality, the best creativity and the most complete work mechanism, and provide internationalized, specialized, brandized and localized design service to our customers with advanced design concept & technology, and rigorous working attitude.

  • Yuan Ninghuan

    Partner, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  • Xu Yue

    Operation Director

  • Wang Zaixing

    Design Director

  • Chen Zhebin

    Architectural Designer

  • He Yongya

    Architectural Designer

  • Li Shengnan

    Architectural Designer

  • Liu Yue

    Architectural Designer

  • Lou Xueting

    Architectural Designer

  • Shi Xuyang

    Architectural Designer

  • Wang zaizhao

    Architectural Designer

  • Wu Jinghao

    Architectural Designer

  • Zhang Yue

    Architectural Designer

CONCORD (Beijing)

CONCORD (Beijing) is located in Chaowai SOHO in CBD core zone of Beijing. There are 8 employees in CONCORD (Beijing), and the floor area of it is 80m2. It is a research & development center with new business model of CONCORD. It is exploring a development mode of combining architectural design and real estate development in Internet Age. In addition, it is also responsible for guiding urban and planning design of CONCORD.
CONCORD (Beijing) is under the leadership of Lu Fan, a registered architect of Royal Institute of British Architects. With ten-year work experience in a top-grade British architectural design firm, Lu Fan has been closely cooperating with famous domestic developers in China such as SOHO (China), Wanke (Qingdao), Wanke (Dalian),
Wuhan United Investment Real Estate Co., Ltd., and Beijing Palm Real Estate Co., Ltd. In addition, it has undertaken corresponding design of several oversea real estate development projects in the Southeast Asia, Africa and South America.
CONCORD (Beijing) was established this year. It is the former Wiredworks that was established in 2011. In the past three years, Wiredworks has completed more than 1,500,000m2 projects.

Domestic projects that have been completed or under construction include the follow:
Wanke (Dalian) Lanshan Project
Wanke (Qingdao) Licang Ecological City
Palm (Changchun) South Stream Wetland
Longwan Project of Wuhan United Investment Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Galaxy SOHO Pan Apple Store
Private Photostrudio of Pan Shiyi
  • Lu Fan

    Founding Partner, Operation Director

  • Sun Yingying

    Project Architect

  • Quan Qin

    Architectural Designer

  • Tian Minghang

    Architectural Designer

  • Yan Weiling

    Architectural Designer

awards honor

  • Win the Third Prize for Annual Excellent Urban & Rural Construction System Survey & Design of Jiangsu Province of 2013Dec.30, 2013
  • Winning Prize of Resettlement Residence Community Design Competition for Nanjing Jiangning Old City Zone Reconstruction Jan. 2011

cooperative partne

With the cooperative experience with top-grade design companies both at home and aboard, CONCORD is familiar with flow of cooperation with such companies, and has been involved in the whole process of such cooperative projects. It has been involved in the provision of relative governmental codes and standard, and the application for approval of the projects by all functional departments of governments. It has jointly or separately completed extended preliminary design and construction drawing design, in which the original purpose of the projects were sufficiently represented or improved. In addition, it has also been completing supporting service in later stage of construction.

Cooperation partners of CONCORD include Nanjing Zijin (Jiangning) Special Technology Innovation Community Construction & Development Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Huichang Real Estate Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Henggu Investment Management Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Phoenix Publishing & Media Corporation Limited, Suguo Supermarket Co., Ltd., Yangzhou Gaoli International Automobile Expo Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Runke Investment & Development Group Co., Ltd., Beihai Zhongjia Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Nanjing Hengshun Photoelectrical Technical Co., Ltd., Nanjing Fengxun Energy Technical Co., Ltd., Nanjing Zheshang Kechuang Investment Co., Ltd., Nantong Sihai Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Nanjing Jiangning Huarun Gas Co., Ltd. etc.

CONCORD has cooperated with Architectural Design Institute of Southeast University, Architectural Design Institute of South China University of Technology, Logon (Germany), BAU (Australia) , Aedas (USA), and RTKL International (USA).

  • CONCORD (Beijing)



    Add:Room 0268, Building D, Chaowai SOHO 6B, Chaowai Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing

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    Nanjing Headquarter



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    CONCORD (Shanghai)



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    CONCORD (Hangzhou)



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南京匡合国际工程设计有限公司前身是北京炎黄联合国际工程设计有限公司南京分公司拥有建筑工程设计甲级、城市规划乙级及风景园林乙级资质,公司位于南京风景秀丽的莫愁湖畔,现有成员为300人,办公楼面积为3500平方米。公司业务涵括城市规划,建筑设计,景观设计,室内设计,专业幕墙深化设计,智能化设计。技术力量雄厚,专业配备齐全。直到2015年,公司已成立11年。 公司注重的是成员的学习、培训和创新的工作环境,并制定有全员受益的综合培训计划体系。公司有强大的后勤保障系统,制度明确薪酬优厚。公司注重企业文化,开办了丰富的业余节目,内部组织有足球队,篮球队,羽毛球队,还有摄影协会与舞蹈协会使大家在轻松快乐的气氛中共同成长。




与国际国内设计公司合作服务,匡合国际拥有和国际国内顶尖设计公司合作的经验和案例,熟悉他们的合作流程;参与项目的全过程,提供政府的相关规范标准和当地的规范规定,参加和协调各个政府职能部门的报建报批手续;协助或者单独完成扩初设计和施工图设计, 充分体现或者提升原有的项目意图,完善周到的后期施工配套服务。我们与东南大学建筑设计院、华南理工建筑设计院、德国的(Logon)罗昂、澳大利亚的(BAU)彼爱游、美国的(Aedas)凯达环球、美国的(RTKL)RTKL国际等都曾有合作服务。






杭州匡合国际工程设计有限公司 / 杭州国美建筑设计研究院,拥有建筑行业甲级(综合,规划、建筑、室内)、室内装修设计甲级、风景园林工程专项乙级资质,公司位于杭州千年古运河旁,青莎公园内,现有成员为200人,办公楼面积为近4000平方米。公司业务涵括城市规规划,建筑设计,景室内设计。技术力量雄厚,专业配备齐全。直到2014年,公司已成立二十年。






匡合北京由英国皇家注册建筑师陆钒领导,陆钒在英国顶级设计事务所BDP和BM工作十年,英国皇家注册建筑师,回国以后和SOHO中国,青岛万科,大连万科,武汉联投,北京棕榈泉等国内知名开发商有着紧密的合作,并在东南亚,非洲,南美洲等地进行多项海外地产开发设计的相关工作。 北京的再加上一点:公司今年成立,前身是帷幄建筑,于2011年成立,3年来建成项目超过150万平方米。