Academic Research

Seven Yards Mountain Residence, Chongqing Xuefudadao No.69 Residence Concept Design

Crucial point of the design is to combine yard mode residence with hillside land which derives 3 key aspects:

Foundation condition: foundation of the project is complicated. Various artificial and natural factors are mixed with each other. All advantages and disadvantages of each factor shall be balanced during the implementation of construction.

Residential mode: Through implementing yard mode, public-half public-private space layer relationship is formed to increase territory ownership feeling of residents and provide good space support for communication.

Landscape arrangement: “mountain and water” is the basic concept of landscape arrangement which draws traditional aesthetic value into specific landscape according to original landscape layout.

The design is to regard architecture as a mediator between human and nature which provides interaction and avoid;through organizing internal and external relation, architecture becomes not only a living container but also a kind of landscape.

General layout plan

Explanatory drawing