Academic Research

D-park in 751, the 3rd Beijing Architecture Biennial Exhibition

China Beijing D.Park 751 Planning Design International Consultation

Devolving PARK

“Degenerating” Park

Regional position:

Devulcanizers, cooling towers, cooling rack, boiler group and other abandoned industrial buildings are scattered in design area with open outdoor space. Compared to other parts of 751 factory area, this area has formed independent space features. The space layout is formed under production logic organization. After industrial content disappeared, space experience had been changed and relationship between buildings and site became slight and occasional. With the quit of former sequence, this area is now in the process of “degenerating” into a ruin. How will it affect the process and what kind of effect will be caused to the process with the intervention of business and culture? Our plan is to show some possible life and landscape during the “degeneration” process with intervention of business and culture.

The major part of the design is to plant a forest in order to remove all the space remains left by the former sequence and form new space.

As concrete production lines, roads and overhead pipelines at the site still indicates the former industrial mode. Ground with newly planted forest removes the differences of height and materials between the ground and other sites; trunks weaken the sequence formed by pillars of overhead pipelines. Interweaved crowns divided the former space into two parallel parts: the ground floor is about picture of life. Under the cover of crowns, daily objects, buildings, human, plants, animals and machines are put into interactive relationship which is not completely defined; the over ground layer is about picture of landscape. At the green field formed by crowns, industrial buildings are covered by plants and difference between nature and artificial objects becomes obscure.

Upper layer plane grape

Lower layer plan

Upper layer space graph

Lower layer space graph