• Location : Jiangsu • Lianyungang
  • Time of Design : 2014
  • Scale : 686249m2
  • Phase of Design : In progress
  • Land Usage : Complex

Idea of Design


The scale of Lianyungang New Xinhai District is planned to link the Mount Huaguoshan piedmont 30 m contour line and Ningbo-Lianyungang Highway in the east, Yuzhou Road and Yingzhou Road in the west, Ninghai Interchange in the south, and Gangcheng Avenue in the north. The planning is in compliance with the overall view of “a smart new district and waterside mountain town”, blending in the concept of “green mountains and rivers in town”, to strive for “landscape centers, belts and corridors”, and make the new district be a city sub-center with landscape scenery. There are four centers and four axes in the superior planning of New Xinhai District: the four centers are respectively the Business Leisure Center, Business Office Center, Technology and Creation Center and Tourism and Resort Center, while the four axes are respectively the Yuntaishan-Dongyanhe Landscape Axis, Huaguoshan Avenue-Chaoyang Road Urban Development Axis, Fenghuangshan Scenery Axis and Ningbo-Lianyungang Highway Scenery Axis.


It is an extension of the urban axes, a center making use of space over waters. The buildings on the south and north sides are constructed semicircle enclosures, to highlight the whole great urban landmark.

General Layout

Picture View