• Location : Jiangsu • Nanjing
  • Time of Design : 2014
  • Scale : 15330m2
  • Phase of Design : In progress
  • Land Usage : Hotel

Idea of Design

Project position

The original location has two warehouses at the top of the hill, one small two-storey office building and one three-storey residential building. The base was surrounded by natural ponds and wetland. The Party A wants to reserve the original buildings and build a resort hotel with local features. The project is undertaken based on “how to integrate the building and the nature”. Through repeated comparison between and adjustment to the skylines of the building and the nature in all directions, natural harmonious space is finally built.

Project Layout

The hotel is constructed in two phases. In the first phase, the layout is closure shape, unfolding the supporting facilities, guest rooms, follow-up facilities and other functional facilities from the yard. The building is partial Southeast Asia-style, mainly using red bricks, grey bricks, coatings and wood, in combination with black aluminum plates and glass and other modern materials. Especially, the various combination of brickwork forms different texture, conveying a sense of nature, simplicity, smartness and elegance. In the second phase, the building is mainly used for independent guest rooms, striving for more natural rural space in conception. In space nodes and building style, more traditional Chinese park and residential elements are blended into, and simpler and more original materials are chosen for the experience of an ideal living environment.

General Layout

Picture View